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The Silence Breaker
Colette explores how John broke the silence of 400 years with a call to repentance. The same message preached by Jesus and a message that even after 2000 years is not redundant!
21/01/2018 am Colette Harrison 16,822 00:35:02

Fear Not!
Proverbs 3:5-8 + Luke 18:18-23

Pastor Greg Illingworth opens 2018 acknowledging the importance of recreation…or more specifically re-creation. As January is typically our rest time as a society, we will use this month to explore topics such as …wellness, growing, preparing for the year ahead.
This week Greg explores the effect that fear has upon us and how it robs us of our wellness, and steals our joy. The answer is in the precious name of Jesus…

14/01/2018 am Greg Illingworth 17,085 00:35:35

Do You Want To Be Made Well? – John 5:1-9
Pastor Greg Illingworth opens 2018 acknowledging the importance of recreation…or more specifically re-creation. As January is typically our rest time as a society, we will use this month to explore topics such as …wellness, growing , preparing for the year ahead.

This week we ask ourselves the question Jesus asked the sick man…do you want to be made well?

07/01/2018 am Greg Illingworth 13,563 00:28:15

Embrace The Joy
Embrace The Joy
25/12/2017 am Greg Illingworth 13,362 00:27:50

Proclaim Joy
Proclaim Joy
24/12/2017 am Greg Illingworth 14,025 00:29:13

Leap For Joy
Greg upacks the story of Mary and Elizabeth found in Luke chapter 1.
17/12/2017 am Greg Illingworth 15,213 00:31:41

kNOw light, kNOw life
God gave us a light in the darkness. Whoever follows it will never walk in darkness but have the light of life.
03/12/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 14,543 00:30:17

How To Love and Love
Greg explores Colossians 3:12-17.
26/11/2017 am Greg Illingworth 17,112 00:35:39

Luggage and Baggage
What we do and don't need for the journey ahead.
19/11/2017 am Greg Illingworth 15,102 00:31:27

Life Changing Encounters
Exploring Jesus' life changing encounter with the woman at the well.
12/11/2017 am Colette Harrison 15,048 00:31:21

Life Changing Encounters
Bernie looks at the story of the healing of the 2 blind men in Matthew 20 and asks what is it that you want Jesus to do for you?
05/11/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 13,636 00:29:05

Living question provoking lives
Guest speaker Ralph Mayhew speaks about living questionable lives that can only result in people asking us questions about our faith.
15/10/2017 pm Ralph Mayhew 15,887 00:33:05

Don’t miss your miracle.
Ray Veal shares from John 6:1-15 and encourages us to make sure we don’t miss our miracle.
15/10/2017 am Ray Veal 14,388 00:29:58

At the crossroads in life, the roads we choose to take determine our direction and destination.
08/10/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 14,670 00:30:33

Journey To Emmaus
Colette looks that Luke 24 account of the Journey to Emmaus, and the discomfort of being in a place between what has been and what will be.
01/10/2017 am Colette Harrison 15,512 00:32:18

Keep Going
Tim encourages the church to move forward and be strong and courageous, always keeping their focus upon Jesus.
24/09/2017 am Tim Clark 12,805 00:26:40

Peace, Hope, Victory
Rhys unpacks Romans 5:1-10
17/09/2017 pm Rhys Shelmerdine 11,163 00:23:15

Built to Last
Bernie speaks on Hebrews 3:1-6
17/09/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 15,533 00:32:21

Show Us The Father
Colette reminds us that if we want to know what our Heavenly Father is like, we can look at Jesus.
03/09/2017 am Colette Harrison 12,016 00:25:01

Tim speaks about the need to put our faith in action and GO.
20/08/2017 am Tim Clark 13,478 00:28:04

What God Season Are We In?
Guest speaker Keith Farmer speaks about what God is doing in Australia.
13/08/2017 pm Keith Farmer 18,231 00:37:58
am Keith Farmer 19,461 00:40:32

The Gift – What are we supposed to say?
This week as we prepare to make and give out THE GIFT, Tim encourages us to continue to pray for the person we will give THE GIFT to as well asking God to help us know what to say.
06/08/2017 am Tim Clark 14,981 00:31:12

You Give Them Something To Eat
Using the story of the feeding of the 5,000, Tim asks the question "what are we willing to give up and hand to God for Him to use?"
23/07/2017 am Tim Clark 12,562 00:26:10

Why Are You Afraid?
When we are with Jesus, there is no reason to be afraid.
16/07/2017 am Tim Clark 14,391 00:29:58

Finding God’s Frequency
Colette speaks about how we can recognise the voice of God in a noisy world, and how choosing to listen is essential to our relationship with him.
09/07/2017 am Colette Harrison 15,095 00:31:26

The Person God Uses
05/07/2017 am Peter Bartlett 19,155 00:39:54

In The Firing Line
As a Christ follower we have a target on our back. Sometimes people won't like us because of our faith in Jesus. Tim encouarages us to stand firm in our faith.
02/07/2017 am Tim Clark 16,378 00:34:07

We Are The Voice Of Jesus
We must know the gospel and be willing to share it.
18/06/2017 am Tim Clark 17,038 00:35:29

No Hands But Ours
When we respond to a God-given opportunity to meet someone’s genuine need with a resource available to us, we become the hands of Jesus in this world.
11/06/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 13,666 00:28:28

We Are The Feet of Jesus
We are the feet of Jesus. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit and step out in faith to share Jesus with others.
04/06/2017 am Tim Clark 15,793 00:32:54

We are active in leading people to faith
Tim shares a message regarding our need as Christ followers to be actively leading people to Jesus.
28/05/2017 am Tim Clark 13,910 00:28:58

We Are All About Jesus
Tim shares that as a church our focus is Jesus. His way is our way.
21/05/2017 am Tim Clark 14,921 00:31:05

Who Is My Mother?
Colette interviews a panel of women about life and faith.
14/05/2017 pm Colette Harrison 12,582 00:26:12
am Colette Harrison 22,418 00:46:42
A1 Colette Harrison 16,468 00:34:18

We Are York St: All About Life
Tim shares that we are a church that is All Albout Life where people can know and experience the fullness of life, and find freedom and wholeness through a relationship with Jesus.
07/05/2017 am Tim Clark 16,307 00:33:58

Vision Sunday
Tim shares the mission and vision of York St Church of Christ for the next season of minstry.
02/05/2017 am Tim Clark 14,003 00:29:10

Remaining in The Vine
We we remain connected to Jesus, we thrive and grow and He the Master prunes us into the person He has designed us to be. Yet if we are not remaining connected to Jesus we are like dead stick, only good for throwing into the fire
23/04/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 15,271 00:31:48

Jesus had to Rise from the dead!
Jesus had to rise from the dead, there was no other option.. This was God’s plan from the beginning..
16/04/2017 am Tim Clark 19,291 00:40:11

The Power of the Tongue
One moment we are praising God with our tongues and the next moment we are speaking evil. The tongue is so powerful, causing so much pain, yet so much Joy. As Christ Followers we need to learn to tame the tongue.
09/04/2017 am Tim Clark 12,646 00:26:20

The Power the Word of God
Ben farewells the church as he prepares for his next journey in QLD.
03/04/2017 pm Ben Dainton 10,175 00:21:11
am Ben Dainton 9,460 00:19:42

Everyday Faith
A panel of members of the congregation discuss every day faith with Bernie
26/03/2017 am BerniePartenfelder 15,538 00:32:22

You have the power!

What do you do with what you have been given?
We all have the power to impact, influence and transform people for Jesus.
You have the power to use all that you have been given.

19/03/2017 am Tim Clark 14,526 00:30:15

The Church of the Living God Part 4 Battleship – God’s Spiritual Warriors/Army
The church on the spiritual battlefield: What it means to be recruited/ called, united, discipled/trained, organised.
14/03/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 14,666 00:30:33

Living Passionately for God
Living Passionately for God. Mark 2:1-12
07/03/2017 am Neale Meredith 18,705 00:38:58

The Church of the Living God Part 3: "Corenerstone" God's Building
The church as the building of tyhe Living God; His building blocks, his spirit alive and working in and through the chuurch – His temple, Christ alone is cornerstone.
26/02/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 14,867 00:30:58

The Church of the Living God Part 2: God's Family
The church as God’s family/household – the one anothers: concepts of caring for one another, spiritual parenting, spurring one another on, encouraging, admonishing, accountability
19/02/2017 am Colette Harrison 13,468 00:28:03

The Church of the Living God Part 1: God's Church
Week 1 : 1 Timothy 3:15 Dead Religion vs Relationship with the living God; the church is the pillar and foundation of the truth
12/02/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 13,540 00:28:12

Launch the Year
How do we manage our time in 2017? What are some key ideas for getting our Calendar under control.
05/02/2017 am Ben Daiton 12,645 00:26:20

Being courageous through spiritual transformation/
31/01/2017 am Bernie Partenfelder 21,402 00:44:35

Just One Job!
Just One Job
22/01/2017 am Colette Harrison 13,602 00:28:20

Be Filled
Ephesians 5:15-20. . Today Ben looks at what it is to be filled with the Spirit and why it is vital for us as Christians.
15/01/2017 am Ben Daiton 14,738 00:30:42

The Unlikely Encounter
Tim Unpacks Matthew 9:9-13
09/01/2017 am Tim Clark 13,995 00:29:09

Hangover Cure
Hangover Cure
01/01/2017 am Tim Clark 13,571 00:28:16

Advent 2 Christmas According to Carol
Bernie encourages to find time to listen to the still small voice in the busy period..
04/12/2016 am Bernie Partenfelder 14,165 00:29:30

Advent 1 Christmas According to Carol
Tim encourages to embrace the power of Carols to tell the story to the non churched.
27/11/2016 am Tim Clark 17,181 00:35:47

Apokaradokia Psalm 63:1-5
Ben continues his sermons on worship
13/11/2016 am Ben Dainton 14,931 00:31:06

Humble Workship Psalm 103:1-5
Ben looks at Humble Worship,
06/11/2016 am Ben Daiton 17,057 00:35:32

Who is Number 1? – Hosea11:1-11
Tim Clark speaks a challenging and confronting message about putting God first and not allowing other things to take priority over our relationship with God.
23/10/2016 am Tim Clark 14,196 00:29:34

Theme: The power of one day – Psalm 118:24
Tim Clark speaks encourages us to think about what we do in 24 hours
16/10/2016 am Tim Clark 17,247 00:35:55

Breaking free from mental illness – Matthew 18:21-31
Gary Balckford is our guest speaker today, speaking on the topic of Breaking free from mental illness
02/10/2016 am Gary Balckford 18,570 00:38:41

The Prodigal God – Luke 15:11-32
Today Ben & Amelia will share about our Prodigal God
25/09/2016 am Ben Dainton & Amelia Dwyer 18,611 00:38:46

Living in Love – 1 John 4:11-21
Today Jon will share how and what’s so important about living in love
18/09/2016 am Jon Dainton 17,499 00:36:27

Building Strong Family Relationships -1 John 4:7-12
Today Bernie will share with us how we can build strong and healthy families.
11/09/2016 am Bernie Partenfelder 17,980 00:37:27

FATHER’S DAY – The Man of Steel – Philippians 2:5-8
All Christ Following Men, especially Fathers are called/designed to be Men of Steel, to be imitators of Christ.
04/09/2016 am Tim Clark 15,036 00:31:19

AS YOU GO STORIES – 1 Peter 3:15-16
As will conclude our series AS YOU GO, we will hear people’s stories of God at work as they have gone.
28/08/2016 am Ben Dainton 14,392 00:29:58

AS YOU GO you are my Hands, Feet and Voice – Luke 10:1-9
Tim will continue with our series AS YOU GO by reminding us that we are to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus wherever we go.
21/08/2016 am Tim Clark 15,797 00:32:54

AS YOU GO You Are My Witness – Acts 1:1-11
Tim will continue with our series AS YOU GO by reminding us that as Christ Followers we are to be His witness,
14/08/2016 am Tim Clark 15,081 00:31:25

AS YOU GO Make Disciples – Matthew 28:16-20
Today we launch a new series throughout August titled AS YOU GO. Bernie will begin by looking at what a disciple of Jesus looks like and asking the question how do you make disciples?
07/08/2016 am Bernie Partenfelder 19,127 00:39:50

Baptism Sunday – Acts 8:26-40
Tim will be speaking about the topic of BAPTISM and asking the question, if you are a Christ Follower and you haven’t been baptised then what is stopping you?
31/07/2016 am Tim Clark 13,082 00:27:15

Time Out – Matthew 12:1-14
Today Tim will be teaching us about the Sabbath and how we need to take Time out and rest in God.
24/07/2016 am Tim Clark 16,117 00:33:34

Taste & See that the Lord is Good – Psalm 34
Today Angelia Oliver our Music & Creative Arts Director will share a message that God has placed on her heart.
17/07/2016 pm Angela Oliver 18,089 00:37:41
am Angela Oliver 16,120 00:33:35

Noticing God – Psalm 139
Do you notice God at work around you? Today Colette will help us all, noctice God at work around us
10/07/2016 am Colette Harrison 19,041 00:39:40

Pray for our Leaders – 1 Timothy 2:1-6
Today Tim will be reminding us that we are to pray for those in authority over us, even our bosses
03/07/2016 am Tim Clark 6,054 00:12:36

As you Walk – Joshua 1:1-5
Ben will speak to us from Joshua 1:1-5
26/06/2016 am Ben Dainton 11,943 00:24:52

IN MEMORIAM SUNDAY – John 11:17-37
Tim will lead a special time within our service as we acknowledge those whom we love who are no longer with us. He will also remind us that through Jesus death and resurrection we can find hope and life in Jesus.
19/06/2016 am Tim Clark 21,693 00:45:11

Running the Race – Hebrews 12:1-3
Tim will share some insights from the bible how we live life with our eyes on fixed Jesus and run the race that God has given us…
12/06/2016 am Tim Clark 14,942 00:31:07

The Body of Christ – Romans 12:1-8
Bernie will speak from Romans 12:1-8 reflecting upon how we are as church are to work.
06/06/2016 am Bernie Partenfelder 14,700 00:30:37

1 2 3 – Your Out!
Today Tim shared with us some insights from the story of Peter disowning Jesus
29/05/2016 am Tim Clark 17,713 00:36:54

Give Happy, Live Happy – The Power of Giving.
Today Tim speaks about the power of giving
22/05/2016 am Tim Clark 11,969 00:24:56

Give Happy, Live Happy – The Power of serving.
Today as we celebrate National Volunteer Week Tim speaks about the power of the Body of Christ and how we all have a role to play.
15/05/2016 am Tim Clark 17,825 00:37:08

Mothers Day : Lessons from Home
Today as we celebrate Mothers Day Sarah speaks from her heart as to leassons from the home
08/05/2016 am Sarah Clark 12,009 00:25:01

God Stories
Today we hear a number of God Stories as Ben speaks to a number of young people as to their relationship with God.
01/05/2016 am Ben Dainton 15,732 00:32:46

The Story 31: The End of Time
The Story concludes as Tim focus’s upon a new beginning
24/04/2016 am Tim Clark 20,172 00:42:01

The Story 29: Paul’s Mission
The Story continues as Tim focus’s upon the Early Church and Paul’s Mission
10/04/2016 am Tim Clark 17,754 00:36:59

The Story 28: New Beginnings
The Story continues as Bernie focus’s upon the Early Church
03/04/2016 am Bernie Partenfelder 18,788 00:39:08

The Story 27: The Resurrection
The Story continues as we celebrate Easter Sunday. Tim focus’s upon the Resurrection of Jesus
27/03/2016 am Tim Clark 14,323 00:29:50

The Story 26: The Hour of Darkness
The Story continues as Bernie focus’s upon Jesus nearing the cross
20/03/2016 am Benrie Partenfelder 17,149 00:35:43

The Story 25: Jesus, the Son of God
The Story continues as Ben focus’s upon Jesus the Son of God
13/03/2016 am Ben Dainton 13,451 00:28:01

The Story 24: No Ordinary Man
The Story continues as Tim focus’s upon Jesus who is no ordinary man.
06/03/2016 am Tim Clark 17,053 00:35:31

The Story 23: Jesus’ Ministry Begins
The Story continues as Tim focus’s upon the beginning of Jesus Ministry
28/02/2016 am Tim Clark 15,188 00:31:38

The Story 22: The Birth of the King
The Story continues as we begin our focus on the New Testament with Bernie speaking about the birth of Jesus
21/02/2016 am Bernie Partenfelder 13,133 00:27:21

The Story 21: Rebuilding the Walls
The Story continues as Ben Speaks about Nehemiah
14/02/2016 am Ben Dainton 12,372 00:25:46

The Story 20: The Queen of Beauty and Courage
The Story continues as Tim speaks about Esther
07/02/2016 am Tim Clark 18,696 00:38:57

The Story 19: The Return Home
The Story continues as Bernie speaks about Ezra
31/01/2016 am Bernie Partenfelder 12,028 00:25:03

The Story 18: Daniel in Exile
The Story continues as Bernie speaks about Daniel
24/01/2016 am Bernie Partenfelder 21,408 00:44:36

The Story 17: The Kingdoms’ Fall
Today The Story continues as Ben speaks about the fall of Judah
17/01/2016 am Ben Dainton 12,312 00:25:38

The Story 16: The Beginning of the End
Today The Story continues as Colette speaks about the fall of Israel
10/01/2016 am Colette Harrison 19,759 00:41:09

03/01/2016 am Ben Dainton 12,263 00:25:32

Inner Peace – Philippians 4:4-9
Bernie will share with us how we can find inner- peace for the coming year
27/12/2015 am Bernie Partenfelder 17,801 00:37:05

Christmas Day – The Message of Good News – John 3:16-18
Today we celebrate Christmas Day, focussing upon the message of GOOD NEWS
25/12/2015 am Bernie Partenfelder 8,900 00:18:32

Week 4 of Advent:PEACE – Luke 2:8-20
Today we continue with week 4 of Advent focussing upon the message of PEACE
20/12/2015 pm Ben Dainton 14,463 00:30:07
am Ben Dainton 14,515 00:30:14

Week 3 of Advent: JOY – Matthew 2:1-12
Today we continue with week 3 of Advent focussing upon the message of JOY
13/12/2015 am Tim Clark 12,269 00:25:33

Week 2 of Advent: Luke 2:1-7

Today we continue with week 2 of Advent focussing upon the message of LOVE.

We also celebrate our YouthTake Over..

06/12/2015 pm Ben Dainton 15,355 00:31:59

Week 2 of Advent: Luke 2:1-7
Today we continue with week 2 of Advent focussing upon the message of LOVE.
06/12/2015 am Ben Daiton 14,941 00:31:07

Week 1 of Advent: HOPE – Luke 1:26-38
Today we commence the first week of Advent in the lead up to Christmas day with the message of HOPE.
29/11/2015 pm Tim Clark 19,686 00:41:00
am Tim Clark 21,646 00:45:05

Arms Wide Open – Luke 15:11-24
Today, Tim speaks about the story of the Prodigal Son, a story about those who were once involved in the church, but for whatever reason are no longer walking in relationship with Jesus. Warning: This message contains, repentance, forgiveness and unconditional love from God the Father as he stands with Arms Wide Open.
22/11/2015 pm Tim Clark 17,179 00:35:47
am Tim Clark 19,319 00:40:14

Celebration Sunday – Psalm 150
Today we celebrate as a church what God has done in and through us over the last twelve months.
15/11/2015 pm Tim Clark 16,905 00:35:13
am Tim Clark 15,918 00:33:09

The Story 15: God's Messengers
The Story continues this week as we focus upon the life of the Prophets
08/11/2015 pm Bernie Partenfleder 16,492 00:34:21
am Bernie Partenfleder 19,614 00:40:51

The Story 14: A Kingdom Torn in Two – 1 Kings 12:1-14
The Story continues this week as we focus upon the life of Rehoboam and Jeroboam
02/11/2015 pm Tim Clark 16,657 00:34:42
am Tim Clark 14,671 00:30:33

The Story 13: The King Who Had It All – 1 Kings 3:16-28
The Story continues this week as we focus upon the life of Solomon
25/10/2015 pm Ben Dainton 11,904 00:24:47

The Story 12: The Trials of a King – Psalm 51:1-12
The Story continues this week as we focus upon the life of David
18/10/2015 pm Tim Clark 20,159 00:41:59

The Story 11: From Shepherd to King – 1 Samuel 16:1-13
The Story continues this week asTim tells us about the life of David
11/10/2015 pm Tim Clark 22,044 00:45:55
am Tim Clark 22,017 00:45:52

The Story 10: Standing Tall, Falling Hard – 1 Samuel 15:10-19
The Story continues this week as Bernie tells us about the life of Saul
04/10/2015 am Bernie Partenfelder 18,526 00:38:35

The Story 9: The Faith of a Foreign Woman – Ruth 4:13-17
The Story continues this week as Colette tells us about the life of Ruth
27/09/2015 pm Colette Harrison 16,307 00:33:58
am Colette Harrison 18,308 00:38:08

The Story 8: A Few Good Men and Women – Judges 2:6-19
The Story continues as we look at the many Judges
20/09/2015 pm Ben Dainton 22,877 00:47:39
am Ben Dainton 22,490 00:46:51

The Story 6: Wandering – Deuteronomy 8:1-11
The Story continues as we look again at the life of Moses wandering in the wilderness
06/09/2015 pm Bernie Partenfelder 11,150 00:23:13
am Bernie Partenfelder 13,108 00:27:18

The Story 5: New Commands and A New Covenant – Exodus 20:1-21
The Story continues as we look again at the life of Moses
30/08/2015 pm Ben Dainton 9,467 00:19:43
am Ben Dainton 11,852 00:24:41

The Story 4: Deliverance – Exodus 3:1-12
The Story continues as we look at the life of Moses
23/08/2015 pm Tim Clark 21,395 00:44:34
am Tim Clark 15,583 00:32:27

The Story 3: From Slavery to Deputy Pharaoh – Genesis 37:1-11
The Story continues as we look at the life of Joseph
16/08/2015 pm Bernie Partenfelder 15,893 00:33:06
am Bernie Partenfelder 15,764 00:32:50

The Story 2 God Builds a Nation Focus: Abraham – Hebrews 11:8-19
The Story continues as we look at God building a nation through Abraham.
09/08/2015 pm Tim Clark 19,108 00:39:48

The Story 1 The Beginning of Life as We Know It – Genesis 1:1-5
Today, we begin a new Sermon Series call THE STORY. Over the next 31 weeks we will look at the key stories from the Bible. Today we begin with the creation of the world.
02/08/2015 pm Tim Clark 14,053 00:29:16
am Tim Clark 18,561 00:38:40

A New Power – 1 Corinthians 13:1-8
Today, Tim talks about a new power that God has given to us through Jesus. Also today we will be acknowledging our volunteers.
26/07/2015 pm Tim Clark 16,989 00:35:23
am Tim Clark 16,100 00:33:32

Contagious Joy 1 Peter 1:3-9
Today Bernie encourages to grab the joy of the lord and look at life froma different perspective.
19/07/2015 am Bernie Partenfelder 16,744 00:34:53

What would you do if iou weren’t afraiad? .. Exodus 3 :1-14
Colette takes us through the story of Moses’ encounter with God and how despite his insecuritiies Moses obeyed God. We too are challenged to follow God despite our fears.
12/07/2015 pm Collete Harrison 17,166 00:35:45
am Collete Harrison 18,640 00:38:49

Who Do You Say I am
Today Ben unpacks Matt 16:13-20. He encourages us to be sure we know how to answer this question.
05/07/2015 pm Ben Dainton 11,735 00:24:26
am Ben Dainton 12,001 00:25:00

This is who we are…. Acts 2:42-47
Today Tim revisits our Vision as a church
28/06/2015 am Tim Clark 18,392 00:38:19

Youth Take Over
Tonight Jon will speak at our Youth Take Over service.
21/06/2015 pm Jon Dainton 9,276 00:19:19

Prime Time Take Over
Today our Seniors Ministry “Prime Time” Will Take Over the service. Tim also asked the question what will it take to reach your generation for Jesus?
21/06/2015 am Tim Clark 18,071 00:37:38

Live from Africa – Proverbs 22:1-16
Today Tim has a conversation with Corey Golding, who is serving God on the Mission field in Africa.
14/06/2015 pm Tim Clark & Corey Golding 19,635 00:40:54
am Tim Clark & Corey Golding 16,131 00:33:36

The Power of a Teachable Heart – Proverbs 1:1-7
Today Bernie encourages us all to have a teachable heart and to consciously apply God's wisdom in our daily lives.
09/06/2015 pm Bernie Partenfelder 12,302 00:25:37
am Bernie Partenfelder 16,808 00:35:01

Real Life Stories with Jon & Michelle Seccull

Jon and Michelle Seccull’s lives were changed forever on October 3rd, 2011. It was the day that their son Ethan “Jimmy” Secull was struck by a Train in Wallace and died.

Today Tim talks with Jon and Michelle as they share their story and the impact their loss of their son continues to have today and how their lives have been changed both Physically and Spirituallty.

31/05/2015 pm Tim Clark 21,779 00:45:22
am Tim Clark 23,212 00:48:21

The Adventure of Surrender – Luke 14:25-27
Tonight we are blessed to have Jason Elsmore as our guest preacher.
24/05/2015 pm Jason Elsmore 15,838 00:32:59

The Value of Ones – Luke 15
Today we are blessed to have Jason Elsmore as our guest preacher.
24/05/2015 am Jason Elsmore 15,250 00:31:46

Why put money in the bag? 2 Corinthians 9:6-16
Tim Speaks on the topic that no one likes talking about – MONEY. What does it mean to put God first and to tithe our income.
17/05/2015 am Tim Clark 19,809 00:41:16

Baptism: A New Life in Christ – Romans 6:1-14
Today Tim speaks on the topic of Baptism.
26/04/2015 pm Tim Clark 16,179 00:33:42
am Tim Clark 14,774 00:30:46

Convicted for Good – John 16:8-11
Today Bernie speaks on the topic of Convicted for Good. As Christ Followers we sow and the Holy Spirit Convicts.
19/04/2015 pm Bernie Partenfelder 15,305 00:31:53
am Bernie Partenfelder 15,682 00:32:40

Teach me to Number my days
Gary shows us how living for today can set up our future. He encourages us to slow down and embrace Gods's Truths. He takes us on a quick tour of Gods promises and love for us.
12/04/2015 pm Gary Blackford 18,190 00:37:53

Teach us to number our Days
Gary encourages us to slow down and take hold of God's love for us.
12/04/2015 am Gary Blackford 14,606 00:30:25
fi Gary Blackford 17,023 00:35:27

Who are we in Christ? We are in a BATTLE – Ephesians 6: 10–20
Today, as we celebrate Easter Sunday Tim concludes the WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST sermon series looking at the truth that as Christ Followers WE ARE IN A BATTLE
05/04/2015 pm Tim Clark 17,398 00:36:14
am Tim Clark 16,286 00:33:55

Who are we in Christ? We are FAMILY- Ephesians 5:21 – 6:9
Today, as we celebrate Palm Sunday Tim continues with the WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST sermon series looking at the truth that as Christ Followers WE ARE FAMILY
29/03/2015 pm Tim Clark 22,699 00:47:17
am Tim Clark 18,420 00:38:22

Who are we in Christ? We are in the LIGHT – Ephesians 4:17 – 5:20
Tim continues with the WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST sermon series looking at the truth that as Christ Followers WE ARE LIGHT
22/03/2015 pm Tim Clark 18,217 00:37:57
am Tim Clark 16,595 00:34:34

Who are we in Christ? We are UNIFIED – Ephesians 4:1–16
Our Ephesians sermon series WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST continues today as Bernie reminds us that as Christ Followers WE ARE UNIFIED.
15/03/2015 am Bernie Partenfelder 15,105 00:31:28

Who are we in Christ? We are LOVED – Ephesians 3:14–21
Ben continues with the WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST sermon series looking at the truth that as Christ Followers WE ARE LOVED.
08/03/2015 pm Ben Dainton 15,050 00:31:21
am Ben Dainton 15,722 00:32:45

Who are we in Christ? We are HEIRS – Ephesians 3:1-13
Tim continues with the WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST sermon series looking at the truth that as Christ Followers WE ARE HEIRS.
01/03/2015 am Tim Clark 17,201 00:35:50

Who are we in Christ? We are ONE – Ephesians 2:11-22
Tim continues with the WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST sermon series looking at the truth that as Christ Followers WE ARE ONE.
22/02/2015 pm Tim Clark 19,638 00:40:54
am Tim Clark 19,977 00:41:37

Who are we in Christ? We are ALIVE – Ephesians 2:1–10
Today Bernie Partenfelder our new Associate Pastor preaches his first sermon at York St. He continues our sermon series on Ephesians asking WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST? That as Christ Followers WE ARE ALIVE.
15/02/2015 pm Bernie Partenfelder 13,583 00:28:17
am Bernie Partenfelder 16,385 00:34:08

Who are we in Christ? We are RICH – Ephesians 1:15–23
Ben Dainton continues with the WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST sermon series looking at the truth that as Christ Followers WE ARE RICH.
08/02/2015 pm Ben Dainton 11,073 00:23:04
am Ben Dainton 12,683 00:26:25

Who are we in Christ? We are BLESSED – Ephesians 1:1–14
Today we launch the year with a new sermon series from the book of Ephesians entitled WHO ARE WE IN CHRIST? Today Tim begins the series with WE ARE BLESSED, reminding us that as Christ Followers we are Blessed with all Spiritual Blessings
02/02/2015 pm Tim Clark 16,923 00:35:15
am Tim Clark 18,259 00:38:02

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus – Matthew 14:22-36
Tim tells the familiar story of Jesus and Peter walking on water and challenging us all to continue to live our lives with our eyes fixed on Jesus.
25/01/2015 pm Tim Clark 17,741 00:36:57
am Tim Clark 16,476 00:34:19

Bernie’s journey to Ballarat
Today, Bernie briefly shares his physical and spiritual journey that has brought him to Ballarat.
18/01/2015 am Bernie Partenfelder 6,490 00:13:31

What do you want me to do? – Mark 10:46-52
Today, Tim looks at the life of Bartimaeus and the question Jesus asked of Him – What do you want me to do?
11/01/2015 pm Tim Clark 15,193 00:31:39
am Tim Clark 14,691 00:30:36

Faith for the New Year – Luke 7:1-10
Today Ben starts the year looking at the topic – Faith for the New Year
10/01/2015 am Ben Dainton 15,734 00:32:46

Cleaning up after the Party – Matthew 2:13-23
Today Tim speaks about what took place after the birth of Jesus. In the midst of the Joy there is mourning as there were many different reactions to the birth of Jesus.
28/12/2014 am Tim Clark 13,140 00:27:22

So Whose birthday is it?
Who’s birthday are you really celebrating today?
25/12/2014 am Tim Clark 6,934 00:14:26

The day of the Party continues – Luke 2:8-20
Colette unpacks the story of the shepherd and the Anglels and the good news of the birth of Jesus.
21/12/2014 pm Colette Harrison 17,373 00:36:11
am Colette Harrison 17,143 00:35:42

The day of the Party .- Luke 2:1-7
Today Ben speaks about the most important event in the world and yet many people missed it…
14/12/2014 am Ben Dainton 14,588 00:30:23

Preparations are well on the way -Luke 1:26-38
Today Ben speaks about Mary's encounter with God the preparations leading up to the birth of Jesus
07/12/2014 pm Ben Dainton 13,730 00:28:36
am Ben Dainton 15,247 00:31:45

Planning of the Birthday Party – Isaiah 9:6-7
Tim begins the Advent Season by speaking about God’s plan leading up to the birth of Jesus.
30/11/2014 pm Tim Clark 12,649 00:26:21

Compassion – Romans 8:28-39
Dr Keith Farmer bring and challenging and confronting message on compassion.
23/11/2014 am Keith Farmer 17,096 00:35:36

Celebration Sunday
Today we reflect upon the last 12 months and celebrate what God has done in us and through us as we have aimed to be a church that is All About Life, Helping people Meet Jesus, Become Like Him and Impact the world.
16/11/2014 pm Tim Clark 21,120 00:44:00
am Tim Clark 19,913 00:41:29

Gods Design for You # 7 (Exodus 31:1-5)
Tim continues with the sermon series – God’s Design for You! Looking at the Spiritual Gifts of Craftsmanship, Intercession and Creative Communication.
09/11/2014 pm Tim Clark 18,244 00:38:00
am Tim Clark 17,776 00:37:01

Gods Design for You # 6 (Ephesians 4:11-16)
Tim continues with the sermon series – God’s Design for You! Looking at the Spiritual Gifts of Evangelism, Shepherding and Hospitality.
02/11/2014 pm Tim Clark 17,713 00:36:54
am Tim Clark 16,179 00:33:42

Gods Design for You # 5 (Romans 12:1-8)
Ben continues with the sermon series – God’s Design for You! Looking at the Spiritual Gifts of Encouragement, Giving, Leadership and Mercy,
26/10/2014 pm Ben Dainton 15,631 00:32:33
am Ben Dainton 18,172 00:37:51

Gods Design for You # 4 (1 Corinthians 12:12-31)
Tim continues with the sermon series – God’s Design for You! Looking at the Spiritual Gifts of Apostleship, Teaching, Helps and Administration
19/10/2014 pm Tim Clark 17,343 00:36:07
am Tim Clark 18,153 00:37:49

Gods Design for You # 3 (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)
Tim continues with the sermon series – God’s Design for You! Looking at the Spiritual Gifts of Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues.
12/10/2014 pm Tim Clark 20,525 00:42:45

God’s Design for You #2 (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)
Colette continues with the sermon series – God’s Design for You! Looking at the spiritual gifts of Healing, Miracles, Prophecy, and Discernment.
06/10/2014 pm Colette Harrison 20,167 00:42:00
am Colette Harrison 17,071 00:35:33

God’s Design for You #1 (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)
Today Tim starts a new sermon series called God’s Design for You! This series of sermons on the topic of Spiritual Gifts. This week Tim speaks about the spiritual gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith
28/09/2014 pm Tim Clark 16,730 00:34:51
am Tim Clark 15,195 00:31:39

Baptism Sunday (Acts 2:36-41)
Today Tim speaks on the topic of Baptism by Immersion
14/09/2014 pm Tim Clark 19,782 00:41:12
am Tim Clark 15,813 00:32:56

John Bond
Guest Preacher John Bond
07/09/2014 pm John Bond 21,066 00:43:53
am John Bond 17,601 00:36:40

Can you earn you way to Salvation? (Galations 3:1-14)
Today Ben deals with the topic: Can you earn you way to Salvation?
31/08/2014 pm Ben Dainton 13,188 00:27:28
am Ben Dainton 14,676 00:30:34

Spiritual Disciplines #12: Celebration (Luke 18:35-42)
Today Tim concludes our sermon series on Spiritual Disciplines looking at the topic of CELEBRATION
24/08/2014 am Tim Clark 15,925 00:33:10
pm Tim Clark 16,043 00:33:25

Spiritual Disciplines #11: Guidance (Luke 6:12-16)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Tim will look at the topic of GUIDANCE
17/08/2014 pm Tim Clark 16,579 00:34:32
am Tim Clark 15,613 00:32:31

Spiritual Disciplines #10: Worship (Psalm 150)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Angela who is our Music & Creative Arts Director will look at the topic of WORSHIP
11/08/2014 pm Angela Oliver 16,926 00:35:15
am Angela Oliver 19,192 00:39:58

Spiritual Disciplines #9: Confession (1 John 1:5-10)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Tim will look at the topic of CONFESSION
03/08/2014 pm Tim Clark 9,129 00:38:02
am Tim Clark 9,993 00:41:38

Spiritual Disciplines #8: Giving (Matthew 25:31-46)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Tim will look at the topic of GIVING
27/07/2014 pm Tim Clark 6,670 00:27:47
am Tim Clark 7,197 00:29:59

Spiritual Disciplines #7: Submission (Ephesians 5:21-33)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Colette will look at the topic of SUBMISSION
13/07/2014 pm Colette Harrison 8,664 00:36:06
am Colette Harrison 9,954 00:41:28

Spiritual Disciplines #6: Solitude (Mark 1:33-39)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Ben will look at the topic of SOLITUDE
06/07/2014 pm Ben Dainton 8,086 00:33:41

Spiritual Disciplines #5: Simplicity (Matthew 6:25-34)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Tim will look at the topic of SIMPLICITY
29/06/2014 am Tim Clark 8,994 00:37:28

Spiritual Disciplines #4: Study (2 Timothy 3:10-17)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Ben will look at the topic of STUDY
22/06/2014 pm Ben Dainton 6,606 00:27:31
am Ben Dainton 6,685 00:27:51

Spiritual Disciplines #3: Fasting (Matthew 6:16-18)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Tim will look at the topic of FASTING
15/06/2014 pm Tim Clark 8,832 00:36:48
am Tim Clark 9,828 00:40:57

Stories from India
Dr Philemon Pawar is the Superintendent of the Church of Christ Ashwood Memorial Hospital, which was established in 1927 in Daund India. The hospital is a 50 bed rural hospital providing affordable medical care to the poorest and most vulnerable in the community. Dr Philemon and Shalini as they share many amazing stories of how God is working in the hearts and minds of these people in India
08/06/2014 pm Dr Philemon & Shalini Pawar 9,303 00:38:45
am Dr Philemon & Shalini Pawar 7,642 00:31:50

Spiritual Disciplines #2: Prayer (Luke 11:1-13)
Today we continue the sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Tim will look at the topic of PRAYER
01/06/2014 pm Tim Clark 10,991 00:45:47
am Tim Clark 11,488 00:47:52

Spiritual Disciplines Intro #1: Meditation (Joshua 1:1-9)
Today we commence a new sermon series Spiritual Disciplines. Tim will begin the series with the topic of MEDITATION.
25/05/2014 am Tim Clark 8,579 00:35:44

Words of Wisdom from a mum
Colette speaks on mothers day
11/05/2014 pm Colette Harrison 8,521 00:35:30
am Colette Harrison 8,623 00:35:55

Four of our youth speak on listing and acting on what God wants us to do. Michele, John, Rhys and Ben share stories of when they have responded to God and when they have not. Ben wraps it all up and challenges us.
04/05/2014 pm Youth 7,897 00:32:54
am Youth 6,701 00:27:55

Mission: Love and Obedience – Matthew 9:35 – 10:20
Critical to the Call. Peter expands on his and Bec’s call to Malawi. He unpacks their journey over the last 3 years. He shows how God has provided along the way
27/04/2014 pm Peter Bartlet 9,402 00:39:10

Mission: Love and Obedience – Jonah 3 and 4
Critical to the Call. Peter Continues the journey through Jonah to explain why Love and Obedience is critical to responding to any call of God.
27/04/2014 am Peter Bartlet 8,642 00:36:00

Mission: Love and Obedience – Jonah 1:1-17
Critical to the Call. Peter Starts the journey through Jonah to explain why Love and Obedience is critical to responding to any call of God.
27/04/2014 am Peter Bartlet 7,276 00:30:19

Easter Sunday – Luke 24:1-12
Today Tim asks the question – What is your response to Jesus Christ?
20/04/2014 am Tim Clark 9,281 00:38:40

Not to Be Served but to Serve – Palm Sunday
Ben unpacks Philippians 2:1-11. He warns us to Serve as Christ Served not out of selfish ambition.
13/04/2014 pm Ben Daiton 8,841 00:36:50
am Ben Daiton 7,756 00:32:19

Ten 10: Do Not Covet (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Tim concludes the Ten Commandments series looking at the 10th commandment – Do Not Covet
06/04/2014 am Tim Clark 9,897 00:41:14

Ten 9: Do Not Lie (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Ben continues with the Ten Commandments series this week looking at the 9th commandment – Do Not Lie..
30/03/2014 pm Ben Daiton 6,989 00:29:07
am Ben Daiton 6,969 00:29:02

Ten 8: Do Not Steal (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Tim continues with the Ten Commandments series this week looking at the 8th commandment – Do Not Steal..
23/03/2014 pm Tim Clark 9,689 00:40:22
am Tim Clark 9,750 00:40:37

Do Not Commit Adultery (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Tim continues with the Ten Commandments series this week looking at the 7th commandment – Do Not Commit Adultery
16/03/2014 pm Tim Clark 12,606 00:52:31
am Tim Clark 10,830 00:45:07

Ten 6: Do Not Murder (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Tim continues with the Ten Commandments series this week looking at the 6th commandment – Do Not Kill.
09/03/2014 pm Tim Clark 10,498 00:43:44
am Tim Clark 8,959 00:37:19

TEN 5: Honour you Parents (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Today Tim speaks from the 5th commandment – Honour your father and your mother.
02/03/2014 pm Tim Clark 9,162 00:38:10
am Tim Clark 8,904 00:37:05

Ten 4: Remember the Sabbath (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Today Tim looks at the 4th Commandment – Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy
23/02/2014 pm Tim Clark 8,700 00:36:14
am Tim Clark 9,266 00:38:36

Ten 3: Honour God’s Name (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Today Tim looks at the 3rd Commandment – Honour God’s Name
16/02/2014 pm Tim Clark 7,893 00:32:53
am Tim Clark 7,992 00:33:18

Ten 2 – Idolatry (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Today Ben continues the series with #2 – You should not worship Idols. He asks are we better at hiding our idols?
09/02/2014 pm Den Daiton 6,266 00:26:06
am Den Daiton 6,743 00:28:05

Ten # 1 – God First (Exodus 20: 1-21)
Tim commences a new sermon series called TEN, over the next ten weeks we will be looking at the Ten Commandments and applying them to our lives today. Today Tim starts with #1 – You shall have no other gods before me
02/02/2014 pm Tim Clark 11,344 00:47:16
am Tim Clark 10,814 00:45:03

Who are you when no one else is looking?
Looking at the life of Judas Iscariot, Tim asks the question: Who are you when no one else is looking?
26/01/2014 pm Tim Clark 8,519 00:35:29
am Tim Clark 7,805 00:32:31

Building a Strong Foundation
HOW STRONG IS YOUR FOUNDATION? Tim unpacks the importance of a solid foundation in the rock of Jesus Christ
19/01/2014 pm Tim Clark 6,486 00:27:01
am Tim Clark 7,252 00:30:12

Time To Say Goodbye
Farewell York St- Blake Moore’s final message to the congregation.
12/01/2014 am Blake Moore 7,724 00:32:10

New Years Resolutions For The Wise
How do you have a great New Year? Proverbs 3 suggests that it is certainly not by chance.
05/01/2014 pm Blake Moore 11,290 00:47:02
am Blake Moore 10,386 00:43:16

Beginning All Over Again
We are the clay and He is the Potter who is ready to reshape us for a brand New Year.
29/12/2013 pm Blake Moore 10,634 00:44:18
am Blake Moore 10,662 00:44:25

All I Want For Christmas Is What I Need: Christmas Day 2013
Christmas Day 2013
25/12/2013 am Blake Moore 6,913 00:28:48

All I Want For Christmas Is Hope
In Christ we have a hope which will never disappoint, a hope we can count on not just at Christmas but every day.
22/12/2013 pm Blake Moore 8,737 00:36:24
am Blake Moore 8,917 00:37:09

Advent 3 All I want for Christmas is to Sing
Tim looks at the role Carols play in our celebration of Christmas
17/12/2013 am Tim Clark 6,407 00:26:41

All I want for Christmas is PEACE
Ben asks us what is PEACE do we know what we seek?
08/12/2013 pm Ben Daiton 6,222 00:25:55
am Ben Daiton 5,721 00:23:50

An Unexpected Christmas
Yorkie Kids Takeover Service and Colette speaking at our 6pm service as we kick off Advent.
01/12/2013 pm Colette Harrison 7,798 00:32:29
am Colette Harrison 8,464 00:35:16

Missions Sunday
Tim speaks on the importance of missions to the chiurch
24/11/2013 pm Tim Clark 11,412 00:47:33
am Tim Clark 11,257 00:46:54

Let’s Give The Rocks A Night Off
The very stones will cry out if God is not worshipped through his people! The whole creation proclaims the greatness of your glory.
17/11/2013 am Blake Moore 9,394 00:39:08

Celebration Sunday
Tim reflects on the past year.
10/11/2013 am Tim Clark 5,956 00:25:24

Be Still and encounter God
Today Tim encourages us to be still to encounter God.
03/11/2013 pm Tim Clark 7,016 00:29:13
am Tim Clark 7,016 00:29:13

Back to the basics
Sin and Repentance
27/10/2013 pm Tim Clark 7,082 00:29:30
am Tim Clark 7,316 00:30:29

John gives advice on life.
John is aksed some question by Tim on what advice would he have for our youth. As a Sage John’s answers are relevant to us all.
20/10/2013 pm John Smith 10,482 00:43:40

The Waiting Father

John Smith unpacks Like 15. To show us that we need to be like the waiting father ot the older brother.

He reminds us that God is willing to be humiliated for us. That he shows gut renching compassion for us.

20/10/2013 am John Smith 15,145 01:03:06

Passing the Baton
Are you passing the baton. Tim looks at who passed the baton to you and who are you passing the baton of faith, life and experiance to.
20-10-2013 am Tim Clark 7,268 00:30:16

Interview: Life Stories
Do not fear the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
13/10/2013 pm Blake Moore 11,119 00:46:19
am Blake Moore 13,346 00:55:36

Encourage Yourself In The Lord
David weeps in the ruins of Ziklag and finds the strength to encourage himself in the Lord. What lessons can we learn today?
06/10/2013 am Blake Moore 10,107 00:42:06

Live, Believe, Behave as though God loves you
Tim takes a quick snapshot of Romans. To remind us to live showing that God Loves and saves us.
29/09/2013 pm Tim Clark 8,863 00:36:55
am Tim Clark 9,188 00:38:16

Poll: Good Government
What makes good government? How should Christians view politicians?
22/09/2013 pm Blake Moore 9,892 00:41:12
am Blake Moore 11,008 00:45:51

Poll: The Politics of Jesus
Was Jesus liberal? Was Jesus a conservative? What were Jesus’ politics?
15/09/2013 pm Blake Moore 8,476 00:35:18
am Blake Moore 9,240 00:38:30

Know and Practice CPR
John 4:27-31; 39-42
08/09/2013 am Tim Clark 7,317 00:30:29

Father’s Day: The Mid Life Crisis of a King
King Solomon provides men with some great advice on how to avoid a mid life crisis.
01/09/2013 pm Blake Moore 9,132 00:38:02
am Blake Moore 9,750 00:40:37

Not A Fan: Week 6
Tim wraps up the Not A Fan series asking the question is Jesus enough?
25/08/2013 am Tim Clark 7,439 00:30:59

Not A Fan: Week 5
Ben unpacks the next installment of the Not A Fan series with More Than Rules.
18/08/2013 pm Ben Dainton 8,037 00:33:29
am Ben Dainton 6,944 00:28:55

Not A Fan: Week 4
The Comfortable Cross is what fans do with the cross- what about you?
11/08/2013 pm Blake Moore 11,007 00:45:51
am Blake Moore 9,408 00:39:11

Not A Fan: Week 3
God desires intimacy in our relationship with Him, not religion or ritual.
04/08/2013 pm Tim Clark 6,797 00:28:19
am Tim Clark 6,930 00:28:52

Not A Fan: Week 2
The call to follow Christ is an open invitation to everybody and anyone.
28/07/2013 pm Blake Moore 10,070 00:41:57
am Blake Moore 10,563 00:44:00

Not a Fan Week 1
This week Tim looks at defining the relationship we have with Jesus
21/07/2013 pm Tim Clark 8,466 00:35:16
am Tim Clark 8,071 00:33:37

There’s An App For That: (iread)
Scripture is the powerful Word of God, inspired, God breathed and relevant for every aspect of our lives.
07/07/2013 pm Tim Clark 8,151 00:33:57
am Tim Clark 8,776 00:36:34

There’s An App For That: (iDo)
Marriage is never easy! In fact King Solomon says that a cord of three strands will not be easily broken. God needs to be at the very centre of our marriages.
30/06/2013 pm Blake Moore 11,357 00:47:19
am Blake Moore 12,160 00:50:40

There’s An App For That: (ispeak)
Words have the power of life and death- the power to build up or destroy.
23/06/2013 pm Ben Dainton 6,911 00:28:47

There’s An App For That: ipray
Prayer is essential in our lives and also in our church. Prayer shifts things in the spiritual realm.
16/06/2013 pm Tim Clark 8,549 00:35:37
am Tim Clark 8,278 00:34:29

There’s An App For That (iserve)
On the eve before his crucifixion Jesus done a remarkable thing; he washed his disciples feet. We are called to serve one another in love, because He served and loved us first!
09/06/2013 pm Blake Moore 10,103 00:42:05
am Blake Moore 9,215 00:38:23

There’s An App For That: (i Baptise)
Baptism Sunday 2013 as we celebrate baptisms across our services today.
02/06/2013 pm Tim Clark 6,860 00:28:34
am Tim Clark 5,014 00:20:53

There’s An App For That (iReceive)
Tim unpacks the implications of Pentecost for us as Christians and the power of the Holy Spirit.
26/05/2013 pm Tim Clark 8,648 00:36:02
am Tim Clark 9,097 00:37:54

There’s An App For That: (IGo)
Gordon shares about his experiences in East Timor and how York St church can play a part in impacting this nation for Christ.
19/05/2013 pm Gordon Buxton 10,373 00:43:13
am Gordon Buxton 10,061 00:41:55

There’s An App For That: Mother’s Day 2013
Blake preaches on the story of Hannah and Elkanah and their obedience to God. What can mother’s learn from this story today?
12/05/2013 pm Blake Moore 9,470 00:39:27
am Blake Moore 8,819 00:36:44

There’s An App For That: Mother’s Day 2013
Ray preaches on the story of Hannah and Elkanah and their obedience to God. What makes a mother tick
12/05/2013 am Ray Veal 8,817 00:36:44

Do You Love The Church?
We welcome back to his home church today Andrew Tonkin known to most of us as TONKS! Andrew brings us a challenging message on loving the Bride of Christ.
05/05/2013 pm Andrew Tonkin 9,717 00:40:29
am Andrew Tonkin 7,701 00:32:05

There’s An App For That ( I Give)
Giving is not something that a Christian does but is more about who they are. Giving is a lifestyle that encompasses our finances, time and resources.
28/04/2013 pm Blake Moore 10,546 00:43:56
am Blake Moore 9,473 00:39:28

There’s An App For That ( I Worship)
Worship is far more than singing at a Sunday service. Worship is all we do in response to God’s great love.
21/04/2013 pm Tim Clark 10,897 00:45:24
am Tim Clark 10,008 00:41:42

There’s An App For That ( I Surrender)
What have you surrendered your life to? As followers of Jesus we are called to surrender everything we have to Him.
14/04/2013 pm Blake Moore 9,543 00:39:45
am Blake Moore 10,349 00:43:07

There’s An App For That ( I Follow)
Today we begin a new series called There’s An App For That! Today we look at ifollow, disciples of Jesus follow him.
07/04/2013 pm Blake Moore 9,430 00:39:17
am Blake Moore 9,553 00:39:48

Easter Sunday 2013
What is the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus? What is your verdict? What are the implications of a risen Christ?
31/03/2013 pm Blake Moore 8,478 00:35:19
am Blake Moore 8,631 00:35:57

Good Fiday 2013
Tim encourages us to take all our baggage and leave it at the cross. Once we hand our baggage over to Christ he deals with it once and for all
29/03/2013 am Tim Clark 2,998 00:12:29

Baggage: Unmet Expectations (Palm Sunday)
Palm Sunday 2013
24/03/2013 pm Tim Clark 7,862 00:32:45
am Tim Clark 6,714 00:27:58

Baggage: Addiction
Addictions are a vicious cycle that results in people feeling guilty and helpless. Allow Christ to set you free from the baggage of addiction.
17/03/2013 pm Tim Clark 9,630 00:40:07
am Tim Clark 7,605 00:31:41

Baggage: Doubt
Today Ben unpacks the issue of doubt and the baggage it can become in holding people back form their God-given destiny.
10/03/2013 pm Ben Dainton 6,307 00:26:16
am Ben Dainton 6,142 00:25:35

Baggage: Broken Relationships
The greatest paradox of all is concerning relationships with one another. On one hand they are a great blessing and yet also a source of much pain and hurt.
03/03/2013 pm Blake Moore 9,839 00:40:59
am Blake Moore 10,098 00:42:04

Guilt and Choices
Guilt and shame are direct results from Genesis Chapter 3 and were never part of God’s plan for our lives.
01/03/2013 am Tim Clark 8,110 00:33:47
am Tim Clark 7,756 00:32:18

Baggage: Bitterness & Anger
Bitterness and anger are destructive emotions that if not controlled will destroy relationships. How do we overcome the baggage of bitterness and anger?
17/02/2013 pm Tim Clark 8,668 00:36:07
am Tim Clark 8,872 00:36:58

Baggage: Fear And Anxiety
The Baggage series will be examining the common issues in people’s lives that sap energy, rob’s them of joy and undermines their relationship with God and others.
10/02/2013 pm Blake Moore 8,574 00:35:43
am Blake Moore 10,018 00:41:44

2013 Lauch
2103 Launch of year!
03/02/2013 pm Tim Clark 7,490 00:31:12
am Tim Clark 8,355 00:34:48

John Smith
What a great priviledge it is to have John Smith sharing at York St today. John is the founding President of the God Squad motorcycle club, speaker, author, lecturuer and voice for the marganalised in our nation.
27/01/2013 pm Rev John Smith 14,882 01:02:00
am Rev John Smith 15,032 01:02:37

John Smith

What a great priviledge it is to have John Smith sharing at York St today.

John is the founding President of the God Squad motorcycle club, speaker,

author, lecturuer and voice for the marganalised in our nation.

27/01/2013 ER Rev John Smith 10,456 00:43:34

Wisdom From Solomon: A Goose Chase Without A Goose
King Solomon teaches us that wealth, power, education, money, relationships etc will never satisfy us and never make us happy! Happiness comes from an internal transformation not external.
20/01/2013 pm Blake Moore 9,274 00:38:38
am Blake Moore 9,797 00:40:49

Wisdom From Solomon: Is That It?
The book of Ecclesiastes has much wisdom to teach us about how to live and approach our lives in 2013.
13/01/2013 pm Blake Moore 9,325 00:38:51
am Blake Moore 8,710 00:36:17

Here we go again. How will you Start the year

Tim uses Mathews 6 to unpack how we should start the year.

How do we not worry? What do the biblical leaders teach us.?

We need to hold onto the truth

06/01/2013 pm Tim Clark 6,696 00:27:53
am Tim Clark 6,873 00:28:38

Christmas is Over… Or is it
Tim unpacks the impact Christmas has over all our life
30/12/2012 pm Tim Clark 7,698 00:32:04
am Tim Clark 7,476 00:31:09

Christmas Day
Tim looks at how Jesus’s Birth impacts us all as we go about our daily life.
25/12/2012 am Tim Clark 4,163 00:17:20

Advent 4: The Shepherds
Tim Looks into the life changing effect Jesus’s Birth had on the shepherds. he encourages us to use there example to tell people about Jesus
23/12/2012 pm Tim Clark 7,431 00:30:57
am Tim Clark 6,667 00:27:46

Advent 3: The Inn Keeper Impacted By The Birth Of Jesus
Where Was The Inn Keeper? What are the Myths of Christmas?
16/12/2012 am Tim Clark 5,735 00:23:53

Advent 2: Herod Impacted By The Birth Of Jesus
Herod’s paranoia, jealously and rage was certainly apparent after the birth of Jesus! Is there a little bit of Herod in all of us?
09/12/2012 pm Blake Moore 8,842 00:36:50
am Blake Moore 8,552 00:35:38

Advent: Joseph’s Response To Jesus’ Birth
Jospeh was a man of faith, commitment and perserverance! Yet, his was a rocky path upon hearing of Mary’s pregnancy.
02/12/2012 pm Rob Petty 8,668 00:36:07
am Rob Petty 9,351 00:38:57

Overseas Missions Sunday
Today Peter Bartlett shares with us what God has been doing in and through His family in Malawi, Africa.
25/11/2012 am Peter Bartlett 11,194 00:46:38

It Ain’t Over Till God Says It’s Over
Can these bones live? Ezekiel’s vision in the valley of dry bones renews our hope and builds our faith that God can indeed bring things back to life in our lives.
18/11/2012 pm Blake Moore 8,302 00:34:35
am Blake Moore 8,127 00:33:51

Don’t Miss An Opportunity
Today TIm speaks about never missing an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a stranger.
11/11/2012 pm Tim Clark 7,574 00:31:33
am Tim Clark 7,129 00:29:42

Celebration Sunday 2012
We hear from the Ministry Team about their highlights in 2012 and also some dreams and plans for 2013.
04/11/2012 pm Ministry Team Members 9,207 00:38:21
am Ministry Team Members 10,621 00:44:15

Unity In The Body
Today Pastor Don from Ballarat City Church speaks to us about the importance of being unified as Christian churches in the city.
04/11/2012 pm Don Gall 10,431 00:43:27
am Don Gall 10,272 00:42:48

Not Losing What We Worked For
VCE Graduation Service. 2 John speaks directly to us about how we can embrace the truth, walk in the truth and not lose what we worked for.
21/10/2012 pm Blake Moore 8,069 00:33:37

Not Losing What We Worked For
2 John speaks directly to us about how we can embrace the truth, walk in the truth and not lose what we worked for.
21/10/2012 am Blake Moore 8,165 00:34:01

Schools Sunday
Today we hear from our Kids Hope workers, CRE teachers, Chaplains and the great work they are doing in our School Systems.
18/10/2012 pm Various 9,985 00:41:36
am Various 10,864 00:45:16

Our Student Pastor Ben Dainton brings us a great message on servanthood and the need to follow Christ’s example.
08/10/2012 am Ben Dainton 7,159 00:29:49
pm Ben Dainton 7,696 00:32:03

Uncensored Sex: Week 3
Tim wraps up the series addressing the topic of marriage, same sex marriage and what the Bible has to say about it all.
30/09/2012 pm Tim Clark 10,960 00:45:39
am Tim Clark 8,866 00:36:56

Standing On The Shoulders Of Heroes
We welcome back to Yorkie former Senior Pastor Paul Burnham and his wife Raelene today. Paul is currently the Conference President of Churches of Christ Vic/Tas.
23/09/2012 am Paul Burnham 8,727 00:36:21
pm Paul Burnham 8,317 00:34:39

Uncensored Sex: Week 2
Tim continues the series by exposing the dangers of pornography and it’s effects upon people and society.
16/09/2012 pm Tim Clark 10,296 00:42:54
am Tim Clark 9,449 00:39:22

Uncensored Sex: Week 1
Tim unpacks sex and intimacy from a biblical perspective and how it was created by God.
09/09/2012 pm Tim Clark 10,384 00:43:16
am Tim Clark 8,934 00:37:13

Father’s Day 2012
How do you deal with parents who have caused you hurt, pain and torment in your life and yet at the same time gave you life.
02/09/2012 pm Blake Moore 10,025 00:41:46
am Blake Moore 11,053 00:46:03

Still All About Life!
Tim reminds us of the church’s vision
26/08/2012 pm Tim Clark 6,487 00:27:01
am Tim Clark 7,691 00:32:02

Courageous Prayers: Jesus In The Garden
In Gethsamene Jesus prays for the life He would never live and prays not my will Father but yours.
19/08/2012 am Blake Moore 8,332 00:34:42

Running The Race Of Life
Are you running to win in the Christian race? Are you running in the right race? These are the questions asked by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.
12/08/2012 pm Blake Moore 7,446 00:31:01
am Blake Moore 7,399 00:30:49

Youth Takeover Service
Tonight Blake shares some lessons for life with the evening congregation from Proverbs chapter 3.
05/08/2012 pm Blake Moore 11,358 00:47:19

God’s Wisdom For Living
Keith Farmer former principal of ACOM and mentor to many pastor’s around Australia shares with us on applying God’s wisdom in our lives.
05/08/2012 am Keith Farmer 9,567 00:39:51

Baptism: Going Under For Jesus
Today people will be encouraged to take a step of faith and obedience to Christ and decide to be baptised during our services.
29/07/2012 pm Tim Clark 9,726 00:40:31
am Tim Clark 9,470 00:39:27

Courageous Prayers: Daniel Praying Boldly
Daniel was a courageous man who prayed courageous prayers that equipped him to do extraordinary things for God.
26/07/2012 pm Tim Clark 9,643 00:40:10
am Tim Clark 8,758 00:36:29

Courageous Prayers: Expectant
God asks us to pray to Him expectantly and with faith!
08/07/2012 pm Tim Clark 6,444 00:26:51
am Tim Clark 7,462 00:31:05

Courageous Prayers: Psalm 139
Search Me O God. King David’s prayer giving God permission to examine his heart and motives and make him pure in light of the truth of God and His ways.
01/07/2012 pm Blake Moore 10,276 00:42:48
am Blake Moore 9,663 00:40:15

Tag Team Preaching
Do not conform to the pattern of this world. Culture is such a powerful influence on the lives of young people today. How can we be counter cultural without retreating from culture?
24/06/2012 pm Blake Moore Ben Dainton 7,693 00:32:03

Courageous Prayers: Psalm 51
Psalm 51 was written by King David after the prophet Nathan confronted him concerning his sin with Bathsheba. Why is this psalm so powerful? What does it teach us about repentance?
17/06/2012 pm Blake Moore 9,954 00:41:28
am Blake Moore 8,856 00:36:54

Courageous Prayers _ From the Depths
Tim unpacks the well known story of Jonah. He uses this to teach us the need to love our city.
10/06/2012 pm Tim Clark 8,287 00:34:31
am Tim Clark 8,591 00:35:47

Courageous Prayers
Today Leigh and Angela Oliver share their recent journey of pain, doubt, hope and the faithfulness of God.
03/06/2012 pm Leigh and Angela Oliver 7,876 00:32:49
am Leigh and Angela Oliver 8,092 00:33:43

Healthy Habits: Rely on the Holy Spirit
Pentecost Sunday 2012
28/05/2012 am Tim Clark 9,160 00:38:09
pm Tim Clark 8,292 00:34:33

Healthy Habits: Tithing
Jesus talked about money, so too should the church! Let’s get into the habit of regularly tithing to the work of His church.
20/05/2012 pm Tim Clark 8,005 00:33:21
am Tim Clark 7,497 00:31:14

Healthy Habits: Regularly Take Out The Rubbish
Another Healthy Habit to consider is regularly doing a spiritual stocktake to see what things in our lives needs to change or be removed.
15/05/2012 am Tim Clark 7,538 00:31:24
pm Tim Clark 7,251 00:30:12

Healthy Habits: Prayer and Fasting
Fasting is the least likely spiritual discipline undertaken by God’s people and yet Scripture is filled with examples of prayer and fasting and it’s impact. Why is fasting so important?
06/05/2012 pm Blake Moore 8,641 00:36:00
am Blake Moore 7,641 00:31:50

Healthy Habits: Content In The Uncomfortable
Ben speaks at the Youth Takeover Service on being content in the uncomfortable.
29/04/2012 pm Ben Dainton 5,267 00:21:56

Healthy Habits: Content In The Uncomfortable
Noah was asked by God to build an ark and out of obedience he began his work! Noah was learning to be content in the uncomfortable.
29/04/2012 am Blake Moore 8,739 00:36:24

Healthy Habits: Connecting With The Body
Why is there power in the gathering? Why do people believe that you can be a Christian and not go to church? Let’s not get into the habit of not meeting together as the body of Christ?
22/04/2012 pm Tim Clark 7,510 00:31:17
am Tim Clark 7,698 00:32:04

Healthy Habits: Breakfast With Jesus
Today we kick off a new series called Healthy Habits focussing on developing spiritual disciplines in our lives.
15/04/2012 pm Blake Moore 8,468 00:35:17
am Blake Moore 8,794 00:36:38

Easter Sunday 2012
He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! The veil is torn and the tomb is empty! What does it mean for us today?
08/04/2012 am Tim Clark 8,196 00:34:09

Good Friday: The Story of Priest Kohain
Priest Kohain recalls the moment that he witnessed the Curtain of the Holy of Holies tear from top to bottom and what he will do in light of the event.
06/04/2012 am Blake Moore 5,656 00:23:34

Palm Sunday 2012
Jesus was celebrated upon his arrival in Jerusalem and only a matter of days later was crucified. What can we learn from the people’s responses and attitudes?
01/04/2012 pm Tim Clark 6,662 00:27:45
am Tim Clark 6,824 00:28:25

Parables Unlocked: The Talents part 2
Today Tim continues to unpack the Parable of the Talents and what it means for our Christian lives. He will also reveal details about Kingdom Assignments.
25/03/2012 pm Tim Clark 6,923 00:28:50
am Tim Clark 7,098 00:29:34

Parables Unlocked: The Talents
Today Tim will unpack the Parable of the Talents and what it means for our Christian lives. He will also reveal details about the upcoming Kingdom Assignments.
18/03/2012 pm Tim Clark 7,628 00:31:47
am Tim Clark 8,473 00:35:18

Parables Unlocked: The Ten Virgins
Can you imagine dreaming your whole life of being part of something great but in the end you are not part of it?
11/03/2012 pm Blake Moore 9,517 00:39:39
am Blake Moore 7,840 00:32:40

Parables Unlocked: The Sheep & The Goats
Jesus taught this parable to demonstrate the differences between those who will be accepted by Christ and those who will not! The division is entirley based upon the acts of kindness and mercy.
04/03/2012 pm Tim Clark 7,354 00:30:38
am Tim Clark 7,969 00:33:12

Parables Unlocked: The Lost Son
Today Tim will unpack the well known Parable of the Lost Son. What does this mean for the church today?
26/02/2012 pm Blake Moore 7,146 00:29:46
am Blake Moore 8,617 00:35:54

Parables Unlocked: The Lost Sheep & Lost Coin
In Luke 15 Jesus teaches three parables back to back of the search one embarks upon to find something which has been lost. Today we look at the meaning of the lost sheep and lost coin.
12/02/2012 pm Blake Moore 7,826 00:32:36
am Blake Moore 7,804 00:32:31

2012 Launch
This weekend we kick off the 2012 ministry year with exciting plans for the year ahead and looking forward to what God is going to do in and through the people of York St.
05/02/2012 am Tim Clark 7,633 00:31:48

Parables Unlocked: The Wise and Foolish Builders
Trace shares the importance of the message of this parable within the context of Children’s ministry and family life.
29/01/2012 pm Trace Valentine 7,464 00:31:05
am Trace Valentine 6,162 00:25:40

Parables Unlocked: The Fig Tree
What does Jesus is saying when he curses the Fig Tree? What can we learn from this parable for today?
22/01/2012 pm Tim Clark 5,669 00:23:37
am Tim Clark 6,789 00:28:17

Parables Unlocked: New Wine In Old Wineskins
This parable relates to the relationship between Jesus’ teaching and traditional Judaism. You can’t put something new into something old.
15/01/2012 pm Tim Clark 7,721 00:32:10
am Tim Clark 7,334 00:30:33

Parables Unlocked: The Sower
Today we begin a new series called Parables Unlocked delving into Jesus’ method of teaching that revealed new truth about the coming Kingdom of God.
08/01/2012 pm Blake Moore 8,481 00:35:20
am Blake Moore 8,355 00:34:48

Running With A Vision
On the first day of 2012 let us all be encouraged to have a clear vision and plan for our lives in this brand new year.
01/01/2012 pm Blake Moore 8,595 00:35:48
am Blake Moore 10,868 00:45:17

Christmas Day 2011
Emmanuel- God is with us! Christmas is God’s gift of hope to all people; His son Jesus!
25/12/2011 am Blake Moore 6,504 00:27:06

The Shepherd’s Response To Jesus
Out of all the people the Angel could of announced the birth of Jesus to, the angel chose lowly Shepherds tending their flocks. What can we learn from these shepherds at Christmas?
18/12/2011 am Tim Clark 6,898 00:28:44

The Magi, King Herod And People’s Response To Jesus
The Christmas story is filled with twists and unexpected surprises! No more so than in Matthew’s account of the Magi’s journey and arrival in Bethlehem.
11/12/2011 pm Blake Moore 6,735 00:28:03
am Blake Moore 8,743 00:36:25

Joseph Response to the news of Jesus Birth
Joseph Response to the news of Jesus Birth
04/12/2011 pm Tim Clark 6,189 00:25:47
am Tim Clark 6,365 00:26:31

Zechariah’s Response To Jesus
Today Tim uses Zechariah’s Response To Jesus to encourage us to plan for Christmas
27/11/2011 pm Tim Clark 7,691 00:32:02
am Tim Clark 9,806 00:40:51

Overseas Missions Sunday 2011
Scott Hawkins shares with us today on the work of Compassion Australia.
20/11/2011 pm Scott Hawkins 11,407 00:47:31
am Scott Hawkins 9,961 00:41:30

Celebration Sunday
Celebration Sunday is all about sharing the awesome things that God has done in the life of York St over the past 12 months. We are all about life through Jesus Christ!
13/11/2011 pm Tim Clark 4,409 00:18:22
am Tim Clark 5,217 00:21:44

Just Passing Through: Citizenship In Heaven
This world is not our final destination, we are all just passing through! Do we live our lives as Christians like we’re visiting this world or have we just set up camp?
06/11/2011 pm Blake Moore 8,033 00:33:28

Living in the no of God
Living in the ‘no’ of God
30/10/2011 pm Tim Veal 5,025 00:20:56

Living in the no of God
30/10/2011 am Tim Veal 5,186 00:21:36

Youth Takeover 2011 graduation
Youth Takeover
26/10/2011 pm Ben Dainton 4,968 00:20:42

Stories and Journeys
Juan Lorca
26/10/2011 am Juan Lorca 6,938 00:28:54

Experiencing God 8: EXPERIENCING LIFE
Colossians 3:1-4
16/10/2011 am TIm Clark 8,440 00:35:09

Experiencing God 7: Obedience Leads to Knowing God
Obedience is your moment of truth what you do will reveal what you believe about God
09/10/2011 pm TIm Clark 8,396 00:34:59
am TIm Clark 9,029 00:37:37

Experiencing God 6: Joining God Leads to Change
You must make major adjustments in your life to join God in what He is doing (Joining God leads to Change)
02/10/2011 pm Tim Clark 8,380 00:34:54
am Tim Clark 8,932 00:37:13

Experiencing God 5: Joining God Leads to Crisis of belief
God’s invitation for you to work for Him always leads to a crisis of belief that requires faith and action
25/09/2011 pm Tim Clark 11,209 00:46:42

Experiencing God 4: God Speaks to YOU
God has always been speaking to His people. How then today can we know when God is speaking? How do we know which voice is ours and which voice is God’s? What aids our ability to hear God’s Spirit?
18/09/2011 pm Tim Clark 8,868 00:36:57
am Tim Clark 7,958 00:33:09

Experiencing God 3: God invites us to become involved with Him & His work
Not only is God always at work buy He invites us all to become involved with Him & His work
11/09/2011 pm Tim Clark 6,958 00:28:59
am Tim Clark 6,248 00:26:02

Father’s Day 2011: Top Gear
Today we celebrate Father’s Day with a Top Gear theme and interview Dad’s about the journey of Fatherhood.
04/09/2011 pm Tim Clark Blake Moore 6,882 00:28:40
am Tim Clark Blake Moore 8,916 00:37:09

Experiencing God: God Is Pursuing A Relationship With You
The Bible is God’s love story of His unrelenting pursuit of humanity and His desire to be in relationship with His creation.
28/08/2011 pm Blake Moore 9,025 00:37:36
am Blake Moore 7,899 00:32:54

Experiencing God: God Is Always At Work
Today we kick off a brand new sermon series based on the book by Henry Blackaby. Today we examine the truth that God is always at work.
21/08/2011 am Blake Moore 7,675 00:31:58

Stories and Journeys: Domonic Drummond
Today we hear the story of Domonic Drummond and the lessons God taught him through his brush with death last year.
17/08/2011 am Blake Moore 6,791 00:28:17
am Blake Moore 7,411 00:30:52

All About Life: Core Values
Today Tim will remind us about the core values of York St Church of Christ and the how those values make us tick.
07/08/2011 pm Tim Clark 6,870 00:28:37
am Tim Clark 6,637 00:27:39

Geoff Bullock- Songs And Stories
We are blessed to have Geoff Bullock with us all this weekend. Geoff is one of Australia’s favourite worship singer and songwriters.
31/07/2011 pm Geoff Bullock 11,777 00:49:04
am Geoff Bullock 12,563 00:52:20

Knowing Christ
Paul Cameron CEO of Churches of Christ Vic/Tas joins us at all three services today.
24/07/2011 pm Paul Cameron 8,344 00:34:45
am Paul Cameron 8,136 00:33:54

You May Have Left Egypt But Has Egypt Left You
Moses may have led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt, however the spirit of Egypt they still carried with them. What can we learn from the Israelites?
17/07/2011 pm Blake Moore 8,448 00:35:12
am Blake Moore 8,246 00:34:21

Choose Your Own Adventure
Life is an adventure! Jesus spoke about two gates which lead to two different destinations. Which road are you travelling in 2011?
10/07/2011 pm Blake Moore 7,993 00:33:18
am Blake Moore 7,995 00:33:18

Who’s Number One?
Seek first the Kingdom of God! Is God the number one priority in your life? Today Tim will explore this well known passage from Matthew’s gospel.
03/07/2011 pm Tim Clark 7,875 00:32:48
am Tim Clark 6,886 00:28:41

Juan Lorca shares his testimony
Juan shares his testimony
29/06/2011 am Juan Lorca 7,749 00:32:17

Head, Heart And Hands: Hands
James states that a faith without works is indeed dead! Good works does not bring us salvation but it certainly does prove it!
05/06/2011 pm Blake Moore 9,436 00:39:18
am Blake Moore 7,511 00:31:17

Head, Heart And Hands: Heart
Tim explores the relationship between having good theology and doctrine but also ensuring that our faith reaches our heart.
29/05/2011 pm Tim Clark 7,286 00:30:21
am Tim Clark 6,533 00:27:13

Head, Heart And Hands: Head
Today we begin a new series called ‘Head, Heart And Hands challenging people to strike a balance between a faith of the head, a faith of the heart and also the hands.
22/05/2011 pm Blake Moore 7,096 00:29:33
am Blake Moore 7,109 00:29:37

Brothers, Mothers And Others: Family
Today Tim will speak to us on the subject of family and how God created families for mutual love, support and protection.
15/05/2011 am Tim Clark 8,103 00:33:45

Brothers, Mothers And Others: Mother’s Day 2011
Today we celebrate our Mum’s and also interview various mothers at Yorkie.
08/05/2011 pm Tim Clark and Blake Moore 5,762 00:24:00
am Tim Clark and Blake Moore 6,400 00:26:40

Brother Mothers And Others: Relationships
For the next three weeks we will be looking at the topic of relationships, beginning today with sons and daughters and the issues of obeying your parents.
01/05/2011 pm Blake Moore 8,081 00:33:40
am Blake Moore 8,013 00:33:23

Easter Sunday 2011
Jesus is risen! He is alive! The tomb is empty and death has been defeated. Praise God!
24/04/2011 am Tim Clark 6,658 00:27:44

Kingdom Life: Treasures In Heaven
Today Blake will wrap up our sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount by looking at Jesus’ words on building up treasures in heaven not on Earth.
17/04/2011 pm Blake Moore 7,977 00:33:14
am Blake Moore 7,129 00:29:42

Kingdom Life: Fasting
Fasting is a spiritual discipline that can help us tune in to God’s promptings and leadings. Fasting helps us to focus on God and not on our own desires.
10/04/2011 pm Tim Clark 5,449 00:22:42
am Tim Clark 5,558 00:23:09

Kingdom Life: Prayer
Jesus gives us valuable insights into how to pray and the types of prayers people should pray in the Lord’s Prayer.
03/04/2011 pm Tim Clark 8,364 00:34:51
am Tim Clark 7,796 00:32:28

Kingdom Life: Giving With Integrity
Jesus encourages his disciples to give in ways that don’t bring attention to themselves but rather bring glory to God.
27/03/2011 pm Tim Clark 6,543 00:27:15
am Tim Clark 6,901 00:28:45

Kingdom Life: Love Your Enemies
How do we react to people who persecute us, antagonise us, or are simply nasty to us? How do we love our enemies?
20/03/2011 pm Blake Moore 8,188 00:34:06
am Blake Moore 7,428 00:30:57

Kingdom Life: When Relationships Go Bad (Adult Themes)
Today Tim will address some tough issues that few people want to talk about, yet are indeed issues that Jesus included in the Sermon on the Mount.
13/03/2011 pm Tim Clark 10,736 00:44:44
am Tim Clark 10,400 00:43:20

Kingdom Life: Murder and Anger
Jesus highlights the dangers of anger and how the sin which can emerge is just as offensive to God as literal murder. How can we deal with our anger?
06/03/2011 pm Blake Moore 9,289 00:38:42
am Blake Moore 8,273 00:34:28

Kingdom Life: Salt and Light
Jesus compares his followers to Salt and Light. The purpose of salt is to preserve and season food and light to shine in the darkness. This is Jesus’ intention for every believer in the world!
27/02/2011 pm Tim Clark 6,468 00:26:56
am Tim Clark 6,290 00:26:12

Kingdom Life: The Beatitudes Part 2
Today we unpack the final four Beatitudes which focus on our character and attitudes towards other people.
20/02/2011 pm Blake Moore 6,719 00:27:59
am Blake Moore 8,191 00:34:07

Kingdom Life: The Beatitudes Part 1
Today we begin a new series on the Sermon on the Mount by focusing on the first four beatitudes found in Matthew’s gospel. They are the attitudes that define a disciple of Christ and a citizen of God’s Kingdom.
13/02/2011 am Blake Moore 8,951 00:37:17

All About Life 2011
Today Tim will remind us of our vision to help people meet Jesus become like Him and be equipped to impact the local and global community.
06/02/2011 pm Tim Clark 7,456 00:31:04
am Tim Clark 8,696 00:36:13

Prayer Focus 2011
Prayer is essential to our relationship with Christ and also for our church’s health in 2011.
30/01/2011 pm Tim Clark 6,832 00:28:27
am Tim Clark 4,833 00:20:08

What Will You Do With Your Talent
In Matthew 25 we read Jesus’ final parable to his disciples before his death. A parable that challenges us to be faithful with what we have been given and to make the most of our opportunities. God indeed expects a return on our lives!
24/01/2011 pm Blake Moore 7,409 00:30:52
am Blake Moore 9,434 00:39:18

Live Life Like Your Life Depended On It
In 2011 we all need to be reminded that our faith in Christ is the most important aspect of our lives and that we need to run the race in such a way as to gain the prize.
16/01/2011 pm Blake Moore 8,335 00:34:43
am Blake Moore 7,882 00:32:50

Back to School – Are you a student of the Word

How is your reading of the word of God, The Bible?

When was the last time you read your bible, not because you had to but because you wanted to

As a Pastor I have a number of people who say, I want to read the Bible, but I just don’t do it..

The message today, will provide some simple yet profound hints when reading the Bible.

09/01/2011 pm Tim Clark 7,543 00:31:25
am Tim Clark 7,464 00:31:05

Don’t put Jesus back in the Box
As we pack up from Christmas Tim encourages to leave Jesus out. To live the calling he has for us.
02/01/2011 pm Tim Clark 7,527 00:31:21
am Tim Clark 6,900 00:28:45

The Party is Over
Today Tim explores the weeks after Jesus’s birth.
26/12/2010 am Tim Clark 5,584 00:23:16

Advent: Joy
Christmas Joy is far greater than a joy that emerges from presents or the Christams Day Turkey, but is grounded in the work of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
19/12/2010 am Tim Clark 5,723 00:23:50

Advent: Peace
Every Christmas we hear about the wish for peace on Earth and yet when we look at the world the reality is very different. What did the angels mean when they said to the shepherds, on Earth peace to men on whom his favour rests?
12/12/2010 pm Blake Moore 9,117 00:37:59
am Blake Moore 8,876 00:36:58

Advent 2 – Love
Today Tim will continue on our Advent theme. Today he explores Love
07/12/2010 am Tim Clark 4,141 00:17:15

Overseas Mission Weekend
Sunny was born in India and has worked and taught in cross cultural situations and discipleship programs with Operation Mobilization and Interserve. He currently serves on the staff at Cross Cultural Church of Christ in the Melbourne CBD.
21/11/2010 10 Sunny Philip 9,792 00:40:48
08 Sunny Philip 8,658 00:36:04

CFA Church Service
CFA Church service led by Pastor Tim Clark.
14/11/2010 pm TIm Clark 2,643 00:11:00

Guest Speaker: Andrew Menzies
This morning we welcome Andrew Menzies to York St. Andrew is the newly appointed Principal of the Churches of Christ Theological College in Melbourne.
14/11/2010 am Andrew Menzies 10,001 00:41:40

Celebration Sunday
Today we celebrate all the awesome things God has done in our church in 2010 and we also will collect a special offering towards the next chapter in the life of York St.
08/11/2010 pm Tim Clark 7,338 00:30:34
am Tim Clark 7,622 00:31:45

Continuing The Legacy: God Will Build His Church
Nehemiah was a skilled project manager yet in the end it was God who gave him favour and enabled the wall to be rebuilt.
31/10/2010 pm Tim Clark 4,404 00:18:21
am Tim Clark 5,322 00:22:10

Continuing The Legacy: Overcoming Opposition
Nehemiah faced many obstacles throughout the rebuilding of the wall and yet each time was able to ovecome the opposition through God’s favour and careful strategy.
25/10/2010 am Tim Clark 6,670 00:27:47
pm Tim Clark 6,520 00:27:09

Continuing The Legacy: Time To Rebuild
Nehemiah teaches us some valuable lessons and principles on what is required when rebuilding. These principles are relevant for us as we Continue The Legacy and write the next chapter in the life of York St.
17/10/2010 pm Blake Moore 9,787 00:40:46
am Blake Moore 7,582 00:31:35

Continuing The Legacy: Nehemiah
Today we continue with the new series on Nehemiah and also hear from the OnEarth team about their recent mission trip to the Kimberley.
10/10/2010 pm Blake Moore 12,877 00:53:39
10 Blake Moore 11,784 00:49:06
08 Blake Moore 7,657 00:31:54

Continuing The Legacy: The Next Chapter
Today we recognise our past and look forward to our future. Tim unpacks a vision for the church that sees the church becoming a community hub. This is an exciting vision where the church meets the needs of the community around us.
03/10/2010 pm Tim Clark 7,244 00:30:11
am Tim Clark 7,637 00:31:49

Distortion – A Misinformed Picture of God!
What is your picture of God? Policeman, Judge, Old Man in the sky? Many people have a misinformed or distorted veiw of God, however when we read the Bible we meet the real God and Jesus.
26/09/2010 pm Tim Clark 6,417 00:26:44
am Tim Clark 6,538 00:27:14

Bitterness Vs Forgiveness
Bitterness robs people not only of their present but sadly also their future. Forgiveness is powerful and enables people to let go of the past and hurt
19/09/2010 pm Tim Clark 5,861 00:24:25
am Tim Clark 5,934 00:24:43

That I might know him

Today we are blessed to have former ACOM principal Keith Farmer with us. Keith is a mentor to many pastors around Australia and is a leading voice in the nation on spiritual leadership.

Keith preachers from Philippians 3:1-11 about relationships with God.

12/09/2010 pm Keith Farmer 7,558 00:31:29
am Keith Farmer 8,953 00:37:18

Keith Farmer Session 1 – 3
Living in the security of the Love of God
11/09/2010 S1 Keith Farmer 19,224 01:20:05
S2 Keith Farmer 17,433 01:12:38
S3 Keith Farmer 14,086 00:58:41

Warrior 7: The Power of Prayer
Today we wrap up our series on the Full Armour of God by looking at the most important ingredient that holds all the armour together.
05/09/2010 pm Blake Moore 9,366 00:39:01
am Blake Moore 9,110 00:37:57

Warrior 6: The Shield of Faith
The Shield of faith enables us to defend any temptation that comes our way. Authentic faith in God will always overcome the powers of darkness.
29/08/2010 pm Tim Clark 5,769 00:24:02
am Tim Clark 6,050 00:25:12

Warrior 5: The Sword of the Spirit
God’s Word is like a two edged sword and an essential part of the Armour of God. We can defend Satan’s attacks through memorising Scripture and knowing the meaning of God’s Word to us.
22/08/2010 pm Blake Moore 10,872 00:45:17
am Blake Moore 9,302 00:38:45

Warrior 4: The Helmet of Salvation
The Helmet of Salvation points to God’s ultimate victory and enables us to have assurance of his mercy during spiritual battles.
15/08/2010 pm TIm Clark 7,046 00:29:21
am TIm Clark 6,777 00:28:14

Tim Hawkins
We are delighted to have Tim Hawkins one of Australia’s longest serving Youth Pastor’s share with us today.
08/08/2010 pm Tim Hawkins 8,577 00:35:44

Tim Hawkins God’s Leaders
Tim Hawkins discusses who God calls as leaders. He encourages all leaders that God did not make a mistake when they were called
08/08/2010 ld Tim Hawkins 7,730 00:32:12

Tim Hawkins
We are delighted to have Tim Hawkins one of Australia’s longest serving Youth Pastor’s share with us today.
08/08/2010 10 Tim Hawkins 9,097 00:37:54
08 Tim Hawkins 8,043 00:33:30

Warrior 3: The Shoes of Readiness
The Gospel of Peace is the good news of Jesus Christ and is the third piece of the Spiritual armour.It enables us to stand firm and from slipping in battle.
01/08/2010 pm Tim Clark 6,561 00:27:20
am Tim Clark 7,631 00:31:47

Warrior 2: The Breastplate of Righteousness
In Week 2 of the Warrior series we look at the second piece of Spiritual armour being the Breastplate of Righteousness. God’s righteousness protects us from the enemy’s attacks.
25/07/2010 pm Blake Moore 7,914 00:32:58
am Blake Moore 6,730 00:28:02

Warrior- The Belt Of Truth
Today Tim Clark begins our brand new series on the Spiritual Armour described in Ephesians 6 looking at the Belt Of Truth.
18/07/2010 pm Tim Clark 7,670 00:31:57
am Tim Clark 7,325 00:30:31

Core Value – Healing


We believe in healing and wholeness for all people. We believe God has the power to heal all kinds of sickness, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual; but God acts according to his Will. We believe that in eternity with God there will be no more sickness, pain, grief or suffering.

11/07/2010 pm Tim Clark 5,557 00:23:09
am Tim Clark 9,645 00:40:11

Core Values: Service
Service is a core value of York St. We aim to be a church that is helping those in need spiritually and physically. We believe that God has called us to minister to all people no matter what background they come from. We are to use our gifts, abilities and resources to serve one other in the name of Jesus.
04/07/2010 pm Tim Clark 5,848 00:24:22
am Tim Clark 6,314 00:26:18

Core Values: Compassion
Compassion is a core value of York St, aiming to model Christ’s example. Today we will hear what compassion is and what it certainly is not.
27/06/2010 pm Blake Moore 7,072 00:29:27
am Blake Moore 7,699 00:32:04