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Small Groups @ York Street

 Beyond the corporate worship on Sunday, meeting together in smaller groups allows for our relational and spiritual journey to be taken deeper.

Here at York Street, we have currently over 30 small groups with people coming together regularly in group settings of 6-12 people during the week.  Some groups meet weekly, some fortnightly, some monthly…some during the day or evenings. Some groups are specifically for youth, young adults, adults in their 20s and 30s, couples, mothers, men, women, some are mixed demographics, etc.

If you would like to know more about our small groups, would like to get involved in one, or want to find out about the process we have in place to become a Small Group facilitator/leader, please contact Bernie via the church office ph: 5331 1079  or

Why join and journey with others in one of our small groups?

  1. Building Meaningful Relationships. Meeting regularly in smaller group settings nurtures the building of deeper and more meaningful relationships. It also provides a pathway to connect more into the church community.
  2. Experiencing Spiritual Growth. Small groups are a significant part of our spiritual growth journey as they provide a setting for people of all ages and stages of maturity to take our faith intentionally deeper together.
  3. Exploring Relevant-to-life Principles. They provide an environment where we are not just learning more of God’s truth and Word, but also exploring together on how we can apply Christ’s teachings in our daily lives.
  4. Mutual Pastoral Care Takes Place. Belonging to a small group is one of the most effective ways in a larger church environment to give and receive meaningful support, care and encouragement.
  5. Provision of Opportunities for Service & Ministry. Small Groups are also great places to explore, practice, or grow towards your God-given calling and purpose as an active part of the Body of Christ.

Sermon Based Small Group Studies Available Each Week

A popular option is to follow the Sermon Based Studies that are available from the information desk each Sunday or can be downloaded below. It is a great way to go deeper into the topic of the last Sunday sermon and also takes the stress out of finding relevant materials to study in your group.

DVD-based Studies

Alternatively we also have a growing library of DVD-based Bible studies available. Please contact Bernie via the church office to find out more about what is available.


Latest Sermon Based Studies

SBS Love and Love – November 26th

SBS Baggage and Luggage – November 19th

SBS The Woman at the Well – 12th Nov

SBS Don’t Miss Your Miracle – 15th Oct

SBS Crossroads- 8th October

SBS built to Last – September 17th

SBS The Gift – What are we supposed to say – 6th August

SBS The Gift – You give them something to eat – July 23rd

SBS We are the Voice of Jesus – 18th June

SBS No Hands But Ours – 11th June

SBS We are the Feet of Jesus – 4th June

SBS Active in leading people to faith – 28th May

SBS All About Jesus – 21st May

SBS All About Life – 7th May

SBS Vision Sunday – 30th April

SBS Remain in Me – April 23rd

SBS Sharing Psalm 145 – March 26th

SBS You have the Power – March 19th

SBS Battleship – March 12th

SBS Time It’s a Changing Feb 5th








SBS Fathers Day – The Man of Steel

SBS AS YOU GO you are my Hands Feet and Voice

SBS AS YOU GO you are my Witness

SBS AS YOU GO Make Disciples

SBS Baptism Sunday

SBS Time Out

SBS Taste and See

SBS Noticing God

SBS Pray for our Leaders

SBS Mark Makers

SBS In Memoriam Sunday

SBS Running the Race

SBS The Church God Envisions

SBS Three Strikes and You’re In

SBS Give Happy Live Happy – The Power of Giving

SBS Give Happy Live Happy – The Power of Serving

SBS The Story 31 The End of Time

SBS The Story 30 Paul’s Final Days

SBS The Story 29 Pauls Mission

SBS The Story 28 New Beginnings

SBS The Story 27 The Resurrection

SBS The Story 26 The Hour of Darkness

SBS The Story 25 Jesus, The Son of God

SBS The Story 24 No Ordinary Man

SBS The Story 23 Jesus’ Ministry Begins

SBS The Story 22 The birth of the King

SBS The Story 21 Rebuilding the Walls

SBS The Story 20 The Queen of Beauty and Courage

SBS Arms Wide Open

SBS The Story #15 God’s Messengers

SBS The Story #14 A Kingdom Torn in Two

SBS The Story #13 The King Who Had It All

SBS The Story #12 – The Trials of a King

SBS The Story #11 From Shepherd to King

SBS The Story #10 Standing Tall, Falling Hard

SBS The Story #9 – The Faith of a Foreign Woman

SBS The Story #8 – A Few Good Men and Women

SBS The Story #7 The Battle Begins

SBS The Story #6 – Wandering

SBS The Story #5 – New Commands and A New Covenant

SBS The Story #4 – Deliverance

SBS The Story #3 – From Slavery to Deputy Pharaoh

SBB The Story #2 – God Builds a Nation

The Story #1 – Creation

SBB A teachable heart

SBB Why Put Money in the Bag

SBB BAPTISM – A New Life in Christ

SBB Convicted for Good

Eph 9 – We Are Family

Eph 8 – We Are in the Light

Eph 7 – We Are Unified

Eph 5 – We Are Heirs

Eph 4 – We Are One

Eph 3 – We Are Alive

Eph 2 – We Are Rich

Eph 1 – We Are Blessed

SG 7 – Craftsmanship, Intercession, Creative Communication

SG 6 — Evangelism, Shepherding & Hospitality

SG 5 – Leadership, Encouragement, Mercy, Giving

SG 4 – Apostleship Teaching Helps Administration

SG 3 – Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues

SG 2 – Healing Miracles Prophecy and Discernment

Spiritual Gifts #1

Baptism Sunday

Can You Earn Salvation?

Spiritual Disciplines 12: Celebration

Spiritual Disciplines 11: Guidance

Spiritual Disciplines 10: Worship

Spiritual Disciplines 9: Confession

Spiritual Disciplines 8: Giving

The Strongest Link

Spiritual Disciplines 7: Submission

Spiritual Disciplines 6: Solitude

Spiritual Disciplines 5: Simplicity

Spiritual Disciplines 4: Study

Spiritual Disciplines 3: Fasting

Spiritual Disciplines 2: Prayer

Spiritual Disciplines 1: Meditation

Mother’s Day-The Power of Love!

Using the Force

Ten 10: Do Not Covet

Ten 9: Do Not Lie

Ten 8: Do Not Steal

Ten 7: Do Not Commit Adultery

Ten 6: Do Not Murder

Ten 5: Honour your Parents

Ten 4: Sabbath

Ten 3: Honour God’s Name

Ten 2: No Idols

Ten 1: God First