All About Life Courses

Our All About life courses are designed to help people understand the expectations of being a member of York St Church of Christ and also assist people in their spiritual formation by offering periodic courses on the basics of the Christian faith and Christian life.  All About Life Courses are as follows:

All About Life 1# Intro To Yorkie

All About Life 1 is held periodically throughout the year after our 10:30am service. It is for new people to come along and be introduced to all the key information and expectations of becoming a part of the life of our church. Intro To Yorkie is typically shared over a light lunch or finger food.

All About Life 2# Basics Of The Christian Faith

All About Life 2 is designed for new believers or people who are interested in finding out more about the Christian faith in a non threatening conversational environment. Topics include, Why Jesus? What is Sin? etc

All About Life 3# Foundations Of The Christian Life

All About Life 3 is a course designed to help people build into their life the right HABITS which will help them to effectively live for Jesus Christ and His Church. Topics include, How To Read The Bible? Why Tithe? Why should I attend a local church?

For further information about any of our All About Life Courses please contact the church office to register your interest.