• Online giving makes life simpler
  • You are able to contribute whenever and from wherever you like
  • The need to remember to take cash or a cheque to church is eliminated
  • There is an automatic record of payments made in your bank statements
  • You can give during periods of absence – alleviating the need to ‘catch up’ when you return
  • You have the peace of mind knowing that you are giving to God as prompted by Him

Online banking can be used to make one off donations and/or missions gifting, or be set up for regular tithes and offerings.

As a church we encourage those who are part of the York Street Church of Christ family to be giving to the work of the Kingdom. We do not apologise for this as we believe that giving is a Biblical principle that all Christians should commit to. As a church leadership we encourage you to prayerfully consider this.

We want to be clear in saying that the amount that you give is between you and God and no one should feel pressured into giving. Our prayer is that you would not feel burdened by the issue of giving but in fact it will be a joy.



General Giving

Account Name: York Street Church of Christ

BSB:                       083-526

Account No:       51-567-6798



Account Name: York Street Church of Christ Missions Account

BSB:                       083-088

Account No:       46-605-8327


Building Fund

Account Name:                 York Street Church of Christ Building Fund

BSB:                                       083-526

Account No:                       19-484-6425



  • If you feel uncomfortable/embarrassed not putting something in the weekly offering plate you may place an empty envelope in the offering plate.
  • There may be a bank fee/charge imposed by your bank on each transaction. Please contact your bank for charges/fees that may apply.
  • Should your bank account by overdrawn your bank will not be able to transfer funds.



For specific instructions on how to set up a regular payment via your online banking service please contact your bank.

To discuss anything not outlined above please see or contact Kristin O’Brien (Operations Manager) (ph: 03 5331 1079).