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Peter and Rebecca Bartlett In Malawi

York Street Church of Christ members Peter and Rebecca Bartlett are African Bible College missionaries in Malawi, sent by Australian mission agency EARS Incorporated to develop audiology services, training programs and outreach clinics in Malawi, with a sustainable model, based at ABC Clinic Lilongwe, in line with their approved World Relief Australia (WRA) project, for the glory of God.

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Tax deductible donations towards the work of Peter and Rebecca can be made through WRA:

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 Nathan and Claire In India

Nathan and Claire are doctors who have a desire to use their skills to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the disadvantaged people in rural North India. Their involvement has grown over the years as they have scaled up their work over the past 8 years. Initially they established a Christian community health charity called Sampan that combines medical and spiritual activities to help improve the health of the local people. As part of this they help to train Christian Community Health Workers to serve the mountain villages, as well as providing them with spiritual encouragement. They also recently inaugurated a disability program called “Samvedna” (Empathy in Hindi) which helps to improve the welfare of disabled people in the local villages. Nathan has some research support through Melbourne University to bring together, or cluster, various Christian Community Health programs to work more effectively.

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Tax deductible donations towards the work of Nathan and Claire can be made through Pioneers of Australia 1800 787 889

Johann and Kristie Bayne in Benin

Johann and Kristie are missionaries at Centre Liwietari (in the town of Natitingou), a Retreat and Conference centre, also offering prayer counselling. There are many opportunities for outreach and supporting churches in surrounding villages. Vocational Training offers apprenticeships in engineering and metal-work. We focus on sustainability and reforestation, for example in the production of solar-powered cooking boxes. A girls school is also about to start up.  Centre Liweitari is a Non Government Organistion and our work is voluntary and enabled by donations from friends and partners in ministry.

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Andy and Rachel In North India

Andy and Rachel are both teachers who have been called to serve in India.  There are two main elements to their work:

Element 1: Teaching at an International mission school, in India. This helps by giving us work visas, accommodation and a small income. This is also a fantastic ministry opportunity as we get to be salt and light to kids from many different countries and religious backgrounds. Andy has obtained a two year teaching contract and Rach will be involved in various school based outreach programs and will also get involved in the local community.

Element 2: We will also be running teacher training seminars for teachers from small, remote Christian schools in the area. These English medium schools do an incredible job educating their students, but they are in need of training and support. They are located in a 99% Hindu area and provide an English based curriculum which is very desirable for many Hindu families, so they have growing attendance rates. As part of their curriculum they teach the bible and this provides an awesome opportunity to sow the seeds of the gospel into the lives of the students.

If you would like to involved in the work that God is doing in India by supporting Andy and Rach and their boys, please contact Aaron (their contact in Australia):

Kerry Jenkins in Cambodia

YWAM Battambang Ministry Overview:

Youth Development Centre: Our daily English teaching and Life- skills centre where up to 400 students attend each day. Aside from building up the Khmer youth, it is a key place for evangelism and discipleship. Many of our strongest young Khmer Christian leaders were first introduced to Christ through the Youth Centre

Jeevit’s House (Children at Risk): Works with children and their families who are impacted by HIV. A child sponsorship program is in place which assists with things like school fees, uniforms, books and medical costs. A Kings Kids programme takes bible teaching into villages.

Phkaa Riik Chia Thmai (The Flower Blooms Again) (Women at Risk Ministry): running for just over one year now, this ministry reaches out to many women working in the local Karaoke bars and clubs, within the sex industry or at risk situations. The ministry has a goal for providing vocational skills training and relational restoration with God.  They are in a process of praying for the provision of a safe house.

Community Development :  A new ministry which aims to see holistic transformation of communities through the training and equipping of Khmer people in a whole range of areas including health, education, agriculture, sanitation. It aims to see God’s Kingdom change communities here on earth.

Church Planting: It has been an exciting year for the growth of small churches and groups in and around Battambang. Mission Kampuchea 2021 is a nationwide undertaking to see a church established in every village of Cambodia which completely support and are excited to see what God’s doing in Battambang province.

Campus Development: God has done amazing miracles of provision to lead us to the purchase of a large area of land for a new campus. Building is expected to begin in late 2014. The website contains further information on the plans for the campus.

Café Eden: Is committed to running a successful business, providing employment and training for local youth. In just three years over 70 people have been trained and earned a salary to help provide for their family. Exciting expansions have just taken place with the move of Eden to a new and larger location. It has been an incredible journey of faith and prayer.

Critical Services: A small number of dedicated staff have the incredibly important role of seeing that our facilities run smoothly and people are fed and housed. This can be a huge task at times, particularly as we host more and more visiting teams.

Khmer Staff: We have a large number of Khmer staff who are all in full-time ministry. Support raising can be difficult as many of them do not come from Christian families of a church environment where the financial support of local people is a norm. Many of them also come from families where financial stress is a reality and the pressure to be earning money to support family is large.

Training Programs: Discipleship Training School; Phase II staff and leadership training; School of Biblical Studies; the Titus program (focussed on bible teaching). See website for more information on these schools.

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